SPARTE, a FET-H2020 European project, focuses on the detection and activity measurement of tracers related to the nuclear field. Thus, the detection of the elements 85Kr, 133Xe, 3H, 37Ar presenting mainly beta decays is particularly targeted. SPARTE aims at realizing and implementing a radically new detection technique based on high porosity scintillator materials such as aerogels and MOFs (Metal-Organic-Frameworks) designed to enhance the gas-scintillator material interaction. These materials, once optimized, will combine a very fast, efficient and isotropic scintillation, with high sensitivity allowing, beyond detection, to set up metrological methods for low radioactive activities. Dr Benoît Sabot of LNE-LNHB/LMA is in charge of the Work Package dedicated to metrology and the development of instrumentation using these porous scintillators for the reference measurement of radioactive gases.