Supply and/or calibration
of radioactive gas sources
(H-3, Kr-85, Xe-133, Rn-222)

The laboratory has at its disposal various test benches for the quantification of radionuclides in gaseous form (radon, other gases).
We are able to produce, calibrate and supply different types of radioactive gaseous standards in B1, B5 or special geometry containers (glass vials, metal containers).
The detailed scope 2-01 of the LNHB indicates all characteristics of the areas covered (line 2 for 222Rn, lines 27,28 and 28bis for other radionuclides).


We can calibrate the gas samples of your fabrication. In this case, as a prerequisite, we will verify the compatibility of the estimated total activities with our acceptance limits on our facilities. We will also have to ensure that the container used is compatible with our equipment. We will also tell you if this type of calibration is destructive.


To provide you with a gaseous standard, we need to know: target radionuclide, volume activity, carrier gas and container volume.

We will also ask you for the total eligible activity for your facility to verify that our manufacturing will meet your specifications.
From a regulatory point of view, it will also be necessary to provide us with a copy of your current detention authorization and an IRSN form for requesting an unsealed source.

For any specific question or request for a technical and financial quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

3H, 85Kr, isotopes of the Xe, in bottles type B1 or B5
and in specific geometry such as SG500 or SG3000.
222Rn: in specific metal container or vial


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