Spectrometric characterization of X-ray beams

The international standards established to define the characteristics of specific beams (quality of beams) meeting the needs of users (e.g. ISO 4037-1 standard) stipulate that any user wishing to obtain a referenced beam quality must be able to carry out spectrometric characterizations of his beams. Otherwise, due to the technical difficulties associated with this type of measurement, half-value layer (HVL) measurements must be carried out on each beam. However, it turns out that the HVL is a limited and not always unambiguous indicator. Indeed, for a given HVL value, there can be several beams.

For this reason, in order to have a perfect knowledge of the emitted beams, the LNHB has been working for several years to develop a measurement method for X-ray tube spectra using semiconductor detectors (Si-PIN, GeHP and CdTe) directly placed in the beam axis.

The LNHB is therefore able to offer its services for the qualification of X-ray beams in the field of low and medium energies.

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