Atomic and Nuclear data

Many applications, such as applied research or detector calibration, require knowledge of the atomic and nuclear data that follow radioactive decay, e.g. half-life, decay modes and branching ratios, the energies and intensities of the various emissions, etc.

In order to provide users with carefully recommended data, an international working group (Decay Data Evaluation Project, DDEP) was created in 1995. The update of the recommended data pages is performed by the Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel.

Below are the tables of recommended data for more than 200 radionuclides with detailed comments describing how these values were obtained.

Tables of recommended data

More specifically for users of alpha and gamma spectrometry, we have also developed Nucléide-Lara.

The online application makes it possible to consult and query the decay data for more than 400 radionuclides (half-life, decay mode, emission energy and intensity, decay scheme…).

Nucléide-Lara Application