Calibration of dose calibrators

The laboratory calibrates the manufacturer’s off-site activimeters before they are delivered to hospitals.
Each activimeter consists of the ionization chamber, electronic unit, ladle and sleeve. The complete set must be sent to the LNHB and best meet the standard operating conditions of the activimeter.
The laboratory organizes 3 annual campaigns, each lasting about 3 weeks. The first step is to check the linearity of the activimeters on a given activity range and then calibrate the meters for 7 radionuclides (18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 131I and 201Tl) in 2 different geometries (flask and syringe). Additional radionuclides can be calibrated on special request.
The laboratory issues a Cofrac calibration certificate with the full results of these calibrations, which will be provided to the end customer to accompany the equipment.

Description of the calibration program

The calibration program contains the following steps:

  • 1 – Linearity control (depending on the activity) is carried out by means of a 99mTc source with a radioactive half-life (6.0067 ± 0.0010) hours. The activity ranges from a few MBq to 10 GBq.


  • 2 -Calibration shall be carried out under geometric conditions defined and recorded in the following table for the 7 radionuclides. Calibration is carried out in becquerel, the legal unit of activity since 1 January 1986, with standard solutions placed under geometric and physico-chemical conditions determined in the following table.


  • 3 – For each activimeter, a Cofrac certificate will be issued to the applicant at a later date, provided that the laboratory’s acceptability parameters are met. Otherwise, the customer will be informed that it is impossible to issue the certificate.


Guide d’utilisation et de contrôle qualité des activimètres
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