EXSA/LNHB Workshop on “Quantification Methods in X-ray Spectrometry”

Scopes & Background

Following the biennial events on “Quantification Methods in X-ray Spectrometry” started in 2017, and complemented in 2021 by EXSA first virtual conference, the European X-ray Spectrometry Association and the Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel organize the 3rd Workshop of the series to promote innovation and cooperation between X-ray Spectroscopists and Analysts.

This workshop gives a forum to interact with the community and will allow for discussion between academic and industrial scientists.

The latest developments fostering advances in reliable quantification will be discussed. Those can span from instrumental optimization, with new sources, detectors or set-ups, to algorithms and software improvements, from theoretical to empirical assessments of quantification methodologies, and not the least to various application fields and related sample preparation and handling procedures, in adequation with the X-ray Spectrometry techniques put into use. Their applicability and performances, as well as the challenges linked to their employment in the laboratory and in the industry, will be tackled.

This workshop will also include a session on Fundamental Parameters and will conclude with a meeting of the International Fundamental Parameters initiative. 

Targeted audience

The workshop is open to all scientists, from academia and industry, from Ph.D. to experienced researchers, facing challenges in quantification in X-ray Spectrometry and wishing to exchange on its various aspects and modalities. Beside the presentation of experts, the workshop will provide a platform for discussions between the participants.

Invited speakers


  • Yves Kaiser (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Germany)
    “Laboratory-based high energy resolution X-ray spectroscopy”
    (45 min)

High Resolution Spectroscopies:

  • Matjaz Kavcic (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    “Photon-in photon-out X-ray spectroscopy applied to novel energy storage materials”
    (30 min)

GI XRF – Novel nanolayer materials:

  • Philipp Hoenicke (PTB Berlin & HZB, Germany)
    “Dimensional and analytical characterization of nanostructures using grazing X-ray fluorescence techniques”
    (30 min)

Sample Preparation:

  • Eva Margui (Girona University, Spain)
    “Quantification in XRF analysis: The important role of sample preparation”
    (30 min)

Trace Analysis / Microspectroscopy:

  • Laura Torrent (PSI, Switzerland)
    “Understanding the Fate of Nanoparticles in Environment and Processes using X-ray Techniques”
    (30 min)

Round Table IA / Machine Learning / Chemometrics:

  • Chairman: Jonas Baumann (TU Berlin, Germany)


Sessions with the following topics will be organized:

  • Quantitative X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES, XAFS, EXAFS)
  • High resolution spectroscopies
  • XRS for novel materials including batteries, nanostructures, etc.
  • Laboratory and In-field XRF
  • Quantitative trace analysis (GI/GE XRF and TXRF)
  • Sample preparation & handling for quantitative analysis
  • Quantitative high-resolution and μ-XRF (2D and 3D)
  • Quantification with Monte Carlo methods
  • Quantification with the Fundamental Parameter approach
  • Fundamental Parameters – measurements and calculations

Of notice that after the workshop, a meeting of the International Fundamental Initiative  will be held, with discussions and updates on on-going and future activities.

One round table will provide the occasion to debate between moderators and participants, on:

  • Machine learning in Experimental Science


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