Beta spectra measurement
good practice guides and data available

The EMPIR MetroBeta project (15SIB10), coordinated by the LNHB, was completed in 2019. It developed new approaches for measuring beta radiation, ensuring more efficient use of these radiations in applications such as medical diagnostics, nuclear energy management, environmental protection and even neutrino detection in astrophysics (

The spectra of the beta-emitting radionuclides and the associated shape factor have been determined with an unprecedented level of accuracy through a combination of theoretical and experimental approaches. The project has also implemented new techniques for detecting beta radiation that allow its energy to be measured more accurately.

The project consortium has published several good practice guides useful for laboratories wishing to implement the various detection technologies developed: magnetic metallic calorimeters, measurement of beta spectra by Si(Li) or solid scintillator crystals.

The data resulting from this project: the BetaShape code for calculating the shape of beta spectra ( and the spectra themselves (, are also accessible to the entire scientific community.

The complete project description (programme, partners, etc.) as well as the list of publications and presentations, the transcripts of the workshops and the best practice guides can be consulted and downloaded from the dedicated website: