LSC software

List of available programs:

TDCR Method

  • Detection efficiency calculation for beta nuclides: freeware program (Polish/French cooperation) TDCRB-02.EXE (Poisson statistics) and TDCRB-2P.EXE (Polya statistics) (76 kB) (77 kB) (49 kB)
  • Detection efficiency calculation for pure-beta radionuclides, LNHB program with short tutorial, 2017 version for Windows (425 kB)
    TDCR17.exec for Linux (51 kB)


  • A program to calculate the LSC efficiency of a nuclide vs. the efficiency of the tracer H-3: freeware program CN2003 (E. Günther, PTB)
    New version: december 2003 (3.0 MB)

Please report any bug to the coordinator.