Posters presented at subsequent conferences:

IRRMA 2023
P-018 Atomic and Nuclear Decay Data Evaluations at the French National Metrology Laboratory for Ionising Radiation
P-020 A benchmark for Monte Carlo simulations in gamma-ray spectrometry
P-033 Energy nonlinearity correction of a high resolution metallic magnetic calorimeter
LTD 2023
P-028 A low background setup for low energy X-ray detection in the context of the BabyIAXO / IAXO axion searches
P-065 Determination of Fractional Electron Capture Probabilities of 59Ni by means of Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters
ICRM 2023
P-022 On-site measurement of 11C and 18F half-life by TDCR counting
P-035 Self-attenuation in the low-energy range: an experimental study on 210Pb
Rayons X et Matière 2019
PYM Analyse combinée XRR-GIXRF à SOLEIL
ICRM 2019
P-066 Spectral unmixing applied to fast identification of γ-emitting radionuclides using NaI(Tl) detectors
P-110 PUFI: a tool to prepare geometry files for penelope monte carlo simulation in gamma-ray spectrometry
P-111 Measurement of the absolute gamma-ray emission intensities from the decay of 103Pd
P-130 Simulation of the response of an ionization chamber to 214Bi and 210Tl emissions. Application to the measurement of 222Rn
LSC 2017
PBS A new compact TDCR-Cherenkov counter for the online measurement of 56Mn activity
PBS An absolute 222Rn activity measurement system at LNE-LNHB
ICRS-13 2016
P-303 Improvement of Nb-93m and Rh-103m measurement methodology for reactor dosimetry
P-076 Photon emission intensities in the decay of U-235
ND 2016
P-141 Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP): Dissemination and visualisation of reference decay data
EXRS 2016
P-08 New measurements of X-ray fundamental parameters
P-06 Measurement of K fluorescence yields of Niobium and Rhodium using monochromatic radiation
SFRP 2015
PBS Développement d’un système de mesure pour l’étalonnage en activité volumique du thoron
ICRM 2015
P-137 Determination of X- and gamma-ray emission intensities in the decay of I-131
P-140 L X-ray satellite effects on the determination of photon emission intensities of radionuclides
P-141 A new thoron atmosphere reference measurement system
P-143 H-3 activity comparison between CPST, VNIIM and LNE-LNHB
P-144 QUENCH: a software package for the determination of quenching curves in liquid scintillation counting
EXRS 2014
P1-14 L X-ray intensities of Np from 241Am disintegration using a metallic magnetic calorimeter (MMC)
P2-10 Absolute calibration of photodetectors using a cryogenic electrical substitution radiometer
P3-1 CASTOR: a new goniometer for grazing incidence X-Ray analysis at the SOLEIL synchrotron
P3-2 Study of L X-rays of bismuth induced by Pb-210 disintegration and by photoionization