Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Working Group Meetings and Workshops

Business meetings of the Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Working Group are regularly held during the ICRM conferences. The last one was held on May 28th, 2019 during ICRM2019 in Salamanca. The meeting report is attached here: ICRM GSWG Report 2019.pdf
The next one will take place during the ICRM 2023 conference.

These meetings give the opportunity to take stock of the on-going actions and to initiate new ones. Any member of the GSWG must feel free to propose and coordinate new projects at any time.

Intermediate workshop are organized, according to the needs of discussion about on-going actions. The last workshop was held as a visioconference on 29-30 October, 2020. The meeting report is attached here: ICRM GSWG Report 2020.pdf

A previous face-to-face workhop was held on June 14th, 2018, in the headquarters of Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais in Paris.
The meeting report is attached here: ICRM GSWG Report 2018.pdf

GSWG Reports

The report presented during the last conferences are included here:
ICRM GSWG Report 2015.pdf
ICRM GSWG Report 2013.pdf
ICRM GSWG Report 2011.pdf
ICRM GSWG Report 2009.pdf
ICRM GSWG Report 2007.pdf
ICRM GSWG Report 2005.pdf

Reports of intermediate workshops are included here:
– October 18-19, 2010, hosted by the ENEA in Casaccia: GSWG_Meeting_Report_2010.pdf.
– February 23-24, 2009, hosted by LNE in Paris: GSWG Meeting Report 2009.pdf


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